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Holiday Helpers Contest


Hello All:


As you guys know The Buried Life Secrets is not just a fan group, but we also want  to help others and spread the message of going after your dreams. So for the holidays we want to encourage this message even more. This will be our first contest/giveaway for the upcoming year. Many more to come (hopefully).

The three winners of this contest will receive a Buried Life t-shirt from the official TBL merchandise site   and one of the rubber bracelets. We have many of the shirts on the site so you’ll have a good selection to choose from if you win. 

You have four ways to enter:

1. Make at least a one dollar donation to your favorite charity or organization. You earn one entry for every dollar you submit (e.i. you donate 10 dollars, you get ten entries). You must forward us your confirmation email to prove you gave this donation or a scanned/picture version of the receipt from your donation. Also include a short paragraph on why this charity means so much to you. If you win, your paragraph will be featured on our tumblr (anonymously or not, you can choose your preference). 

2.  Cook a meal/buy a meal for a family member, friend, or stranger (you can bake cookies and hand them out to strangers; we’re not encouraging anyone to hang out with possible dangerous people). Take a picture of your meal, submit it, and write a paragraph explaining what was accomplished by doing this. If you win your paragraph will be featured on our tumblr (anonymously or not, depending on your preference). You earn an entry for every meal cooked/or bought (hand out 50 cookies, 50 entries).

3. Volunteer at your favorite charity/ies/non-profit organization/s. Have someone take a picture, submit it, and write a paragraph on what this experience taught you. If you win your story will be featured on our tumblr (anon or no anon. You pick). You earn an entry for each time you volunteer or how many hours you volunteer (you volunteer at one organization for 20 hours, you earn 20 entries).

4. Donate some copies of TBL’s book to your local library. If you have extra copies or want to purchase some (you can purchase them on amazon or on their merchandise site). You can also make some bookmarkers and take those in with your book donation. Just take a picture of it, submit, and include a paragraph on why doing this was important to you. Your story will be featured on our tumblr (anon or not anon) if you win. 1 entry for every book donated. 

Three winners will be selected from a random drawing based on eligible entries. The more eligible entries, the better your odds are of winning. Contest ends on December 20, 2012 at 11:59 pm pst (you have until then to email us your entries. Email us @ tblsecrets@gmail.com.)

                                        Good Luck!-TBLS